A responsive website for a high traffic social website, designer and front end developer. Built under IES Group Inc.

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DNA Artspace

DNA Artspace

A responsive website for a brand new London, Ontario art gallery, Co-designer and developer. Built under IES Group Inc.

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Aura at College Park

Aura at College Park

A responsive mobile and tablet website for the Toronto condominium complex, Co-designer and developer. Built under IES Group Inc.

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Media Sonar

Media Sonar

A responsive launch site developed for the Media Sonar Web Application. Built under IES Group Inc.

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A gaming video site in it's second, responsive, iteration. Designer and front end developer. Built under IES Group Inc.

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Violet Fuse


A website for my band. Designer and Developer

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Happy Rock Holistics


A website constructed off of an HTML template. Designer and Developer

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Our Coffee News


Website for regional franchise of worldwide newsletter. Designer and Developer

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1. The Days Live Demo

A live off the floor recording for The Days with my mobile recording rig

2. Violet Fuse Full Length Album

Full length record released by Violet Fuse. Produced and mixed by myself, as well as mostly engineered. Consisting of original 9 songs. The band was nominated for a Jack Richardson Music Award as well as London Music Award under the Rock Categories in 2010. iTunes

3. Song Composition Project

A school assignment to write and produce a commercially viable original song with a partner. "Wasted Time" was Co-Written/Co-Produced by myself and Mike Whissel

4. Beatles Cover Song Project

A school assignment produce a cover song. The song chosen was "Getting Better" by The Beatles. This song was produced, engineered, edited, mixed completely myself.

5. Song Production Assignment

An assignment to produce an original song. Produced, engineered, edited, mixed myself. Won the award for "Best Performance" for the guitar tracks at the 2009 Music Industry Arts Awards Night. Song: "RNFNR" by: Violet Fuse, Released on Aug. 7th 2010 on VF's debut album.

6. Song Lift Assignment

A school assignment to completely recreate a song from scratch. Showcasing the skills needed to organize multiple studio times and musicians as well as budgeting. Completely self produced, engineered, edited, and mixed. All instruments recorded live. Song: "Holy Diver" by Dio

7. MIDI Mixing Assignment

A school assignment to turn a MIDI session into a piece of "radio ready" work. The original file was a General MIDI file, that then had all the tracks replaced with sampled virtual instruments and then mixed in stereo. Song: "Indiana Jones Theme" by: John Williams

8. Audio Editing Assignment

A school assignment to take an instrumental song and cut it down to exactly 1 minute. The song was to have unnoticable cuts and edits. Song: "Frankenstein" by: Edgar Winter Group


  • Duelling Sledgehammers - TBA (TBA) Engineer
  • Good God DAMN! - Buen Dios Maldito! (2013) Mastering Engineer
  • Violet Fuse - Live @ The Black Shire (2010) Engineer/Producer/Writer/Performer
  • Good God DAMN! - Self Titled (2010) Mastering Engineer
  • Violet Fuse - Self Titled (2010) Engineer/Producer/Writer/Performer

A lifetime ambition to learn new skills has resulted in an ever growing list of abilities. An attention to detail combined with that ever growing list has resulted in this career choice.

I have graduated Fanshawe College twice. First in Multimedia Design & Production in 2008, and the second Music Industry Arts in 2010.

At a young age I gained interest in music, learning guitar at 10, and never thought it would be a constant in my life 14 years later. In high school I started to get into Adobe Photoshop and went into a 2 year TV Broadcasting program. At the same time as being apart of the daily live news program, I was gaining more experience in live auditorium audio and lighting systems in a theatre setting. The passion for video shooting & editing almost landed me in TV Broadcasting at Fanshawe College, but at the last minute I decided to try something new and go into Multimedia. After completing the two year diploma I got accepted into Music Industry Arts, and have taken my love of music to the studio setting. I've been lucky enough to have learned from some great professionals, and gained some great knowledge. Being able to do anything that's necessary in a project gives me the flexibility to keep the job fresh and interesting.



I've spent my life with a thirst for knowledge and skills. Aspiring to be a jack of all trades in new media fields. My main passion is music production, but I've come to gain skills in all facets of the industry. Creating websites & graphic design work freelance, as well as within a development company environment. On the audio side, engineering and producing artists, and also the writing and managment sides. The "Do-It-Yourself" attitude and being on the cutting edge of new web design trends/technology, has kept me moving forward to my end goal of creating a living off of my favourite hobbies. Gaining experience and further knowledge in any field is an asset to the future.



Mac OS X (Primary), Windows 7 (Secondary), Avid D-Command


Pro Tools, Photohop, Illustrator, After Effects, Logic, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, 3DS Max, Office, Google Docs


English, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, mySQL, Javascript, JQuery, LESS


2008-2010 Fanshawe College, London, Ontario

Music Industry Arts

2006-2008 Fanshawe College, London, Ontario

Multimedia Design & Production

2002-2006 H.B. Beal Secondary School, London, Ontario

OSSD diploma as well as Ontario Scholar.
2 years in Television Broadcasting
2006 Leadership Awards "Most Co-operative Student" out of 2100 students
Bronze Medal for Ontario, Skills Canada Video Challenge 2005.

Work Experience

Graphics Designer/Front End Web Developer - 4/2011 - Present. IES Group Inc. London, ON.

Main duties included the design, and coding of HTML and CSS for various web projects.

Graphic Designer/Web Developer - 1/2009 - 7/2011. Our Coffee News St. Thomas, ON.

Update and maintain website, Create Ad samples to be placed in the weekly restaurant publication.

Music Producer/ Engineer - 9/2008 - 6/2010. Violet Fuse Full Length Independent Record London, ON.

Machine Operator - 6/2005 - 12/2008. Stiches Above, London, ON. London, ON.

A machine operator for a custom embroidery company. This job consists of unpacking, prepping, and embroidering items, such as hats, coats, shirts, etc. The items ran on a multi-head CNC machine.


1408-854 Commissioners Rd. E
London ON, Canada
N6C 5Z5